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Fri July 25th 2014

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TitleLocationValueDate Added
Conversion to 6 FlatsWest London£300,00025/08/2013
Conversion to 2 FlatsWest London£100,00025/08/2013
7-Dwelling DevelopmentWest London£500,00022/08/2013
Conversion to 3 FlatsWest London£100,00021/08/2013
Conversion to 5 FlatsWest London£200,00013/08/2013
Conversion to 5 FlatsWest London£200,00011/08/2013
School Swimming PoolWest London£3,500,00010/08/2013
Extension for HouseWest London£100,00010/08/2013
Conversion to 34 FlatsWest London£1,700,00008/08/2013
Conversion to 9 FlatsWest London£500,00004/08/2013
Conversion to 2 FlatsWest London£100,00027/07/2013
Conversion to DwellingWest London£100,00025/07/2013
External Seating AreaWest London£100,00022/07/2013
Extension to OfficeWest London£100,00021/07/2013
Conversion to 2 DwellingsWest London£100,00017/07/2013
Conversion to 3 FlatsWest London£100,00016/07/2013
Conversion to 3 FlatsWest London£100,00015/07/2013
Conversion to 7 FlatsWest London£300,00013/07/2013
5 FlatsWest London£400,00011/07/2013
Conversion to Mixed Use (2 Units)West London£300,00011/07/2013
Extension to OfficeWest London£200,00010/07/2013
241 HousesWest London£18,000,00003/07/2013
Conversion to 3 FlatsWest London£100,00025/06/2013
Conversion to Mixed Use (3 Units)West London£100,00022/06/2013
Conversion to 3 FlatsWest London£100,00021/06/2013
3 FlatsWest London£200,00020/06/2013
2 DwellingsWest London£100,00018/06/2013
2 DwellingsWest London£100,00017/06/2013
Care Home (13 Units)West London£1,200,00015/06/2013
Extension to RestaurantWest London£100,00011/06/2013

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