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Sun January 25th 2015

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TitleLocationValueDate Added
Extension and Conversion for 4 DwellingsWest London£200,00012/12/2014
Residential UnitsWest London£100,00012/12/2014
Conversion to 8 FlatsWest London£400,00011/12/2014
Conversion to Mixed Use (4 Units)West London£200,00009/12/2014
Extension to Hotel (4 Rooms)West London£200,00007/12/2014
Conversion to 2 FlatsWest London£100,00006/12/2014
Mixed Use Development (10 Units)West London£1,700,00001/12/2014
Conversion to 4 FlatsWEST LONDON£100,00028/11/2014
Residential UnitsWest London£100,00028/11/2014
Extension and Conversion to 3 DwellingsWest London£200,00024/11/2014
70 Dwelling DevelopmentWest London£6,500,00015/11/2014
Extension and Conversion for Medical UseWest London£1,000,00009/11/2014
Extension and Conversion for Mixed Use (12 Units)WEST LONDON£900,00007/11/2014
Conversion to 3 DwellingsWest London£100,00026/10/2014
Conversion to 3 DwellingsWest London£100,00025/10/2014
Basement Excavation and Conversion for 3 FlatsWest London£100,00024/10/2014
Replacement Shop FrontWest London£100,00023/10/2014
Conversion to 4 FlatsWest London£200,00020/10/2014
Conversion to FlatWest London£100,00018/10/2014
Conversion to FlatWest London£100,00017/10/2014
2 FlatsWest London£100,00013/10/2014
2 FlatsWest London£100,00012/10/2014
Conversion to Retail UseWest London£100,00009/10/2014
Roof Extension for 2 DwellingsWest London£100,00006/10/2014
Roof Extension for 2 DwellingsWest London£100,00005/10/2014
Conversion to DwellingWest London£100,00004/10/2014
Mixed Use Development (97 Units)West London£12,000,00030/09/2014
Mixed Use Development (97 Units)West London£12,000,00029/09/2014
Conversion to 2 FlatsWest London£100,00026/09/2014
Residential UnitsWest London£100,00006/09/2014

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