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Fri January 30th 2015

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Related Information

Jones swings to Hyundai

By Digger Blogger | 11:07 BST, Tuesday, 22 April 2014 | 0 Comments

It looks like Carmarthenshire-based contractor E&TL Jones is shifting the focus of its fleet towards Hyundai.

The Llandeilo company has replaced the larger excavators in its 22-strong fleet with five new Hyundai machines.  These include three R140LC-9A and two R160LC-9A tracked excavators.

The deal was sealed by Molson Group, Hyundai’s largest UK dealer. Area sales manager Luke Mercer says: “We were able to prove that Hyundai excavators, coupled with Molson’s service were more than a match for the machines that E&TL Jones had been using.”

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The Face of Case

By Digger Blogger | 11:01 BST, Tuesday, 22 April 2014 | 0 Comments

Clearly concerned about any accusations of facelessness, however joshingly delivered, the good folk in the Case publicity wing have been swift to prove me wrong.

They have supplied me with evidence that their tall man does indeed have face, complete with the response:

"We are delighted that our usually slick marketing operation is acknowledged... However, we can assure you that the vast majority of our customers are very happy (see more evidence in this picture) regardless of their shape or size. Perhaps we were a bit headless on this occasion due to the masses of interest being shown in our ProCare support programme."

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What does this picture tell us about Case?

By Digger Blogger | 15:19 BST, Tuesday, 15 April 2014 | 0 Comments

This photo has been sent out by the publicity wing of Case Construction Equipment to accompany a news release about the company's new all-in-one heavy machine support programme, ProCare.

Companies the size of Case generally have systems in place to ensure that publicity stills like this go through strict corporate vetting procedures. They must ensure that they send out the right corporate message and that all the appropriate health & safety protocols are being adhered to.

Case has a slick marketing operation so this particularly image has probably been scientifically constructed to convey a very particular message. However, I just can't quite decide what it might be.

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New Holland makes its debut in the marble quarry sector

By Digger Blogger | 21:27 BST, Sunday, 13 April 2014 | 0 Comments

The B100C backhoe loader has been equipped with a support arm and chain cutter, mounted in place of the traditional backhoe, that offers a new ingenious, yet simple, method for cutting blocks of marble.

The BI00C was fitted with a chain cutter (CST 965) developed by Benetti Macchine SpA, who are based in Carrara and specialise in supplying marble-cutting machines.

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LiuGong at ConExpo

By Digger Blogger | 11:50 GMT, Wednesday, 26 March 2014 | 0 Comments

The ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas earlier this month provided another opportunity for Chinese manufacturers to show that they are catching up with the more established plant manufacturers of the world.

There are dozens of Chinese manufacturers – there must surely be massive consolidation to come at some time in the future – and the product quality varies, inevitably. At the top end, LiuGong is generally recognised to be one of the best of the Chinese manufacturers, along with the likes of Sany and a small handful of others.

LiuGong has been selling machines in Europe for seven years and in June 2012 opened its European headquarters in Almere, Netherlands.

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