Crime Prevention Products Limited

Mon February 17 2020

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Crime Prevention Products Limited

01494 792592

Crime Prevention Products, online retail and wholesale supplier of the highest quality Personal Alarms, Defence Sprays, Wireless Burglar Alarms, Dummy CCTV Cameras, Replica Cameras and home/vehicle and office security products since 1992. We offer a wide range of personal safety alarms (also known as rape alarms, attack alarms, personal alarms & personal safety alarms), safety alarms, wireless burglar alarms, ultraviolet lamps, door security devices, window security devices, UV lamps, Dummy Cameras & Replica Cameras, counterfeit detection equipment, security hardware and other essential goods to help protect you and yours. This site is designed for ease of ordering and is a preferred supplier for the NHS - Local Authorities - Schools - Police Forces & Govt. Depts.

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Copsham House
53 Broad Street

Tel: 01494 792592