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Sat October 19 2019

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HB Asbestos Control

H.B. Insulations & Asbestos Control have over 40 years experience in asbestos removal and asbestos surveys. As fully licensed ARCA and HSE asbestos removal contractors, we always operate to the highest standards. We take pride in our accreditations and continue to invest in training to ensure our standards are maintained.

Based in the Midlands (Ilkeston, Derbyshire), we are ideally located to offer our asbestos removal and waste collection services to private and commercial properties in Derby, Nottingham and throughout the region and country.

We can cater for the removal of asbestos from garages and roofs as well as arranging for any asbestos type 3 surveys to be carried out.

Our services inculde:

Asbestos Removal:

We are an ARCA and H.S.E. licensed contractors for asbestos removal.

We are well established and highly experienced in the removal of all types of hazardous asbestos waste materials.

HB has a high degree of professional expertise in the industry and operates the very latest equipment to deal with any size of contract.

We are licensed to clean public and commercial buildings of asbestos in a controlled and professional manner

We are equipped to deal with calls from the general public, who require such work as, asbestos removal from garages, asbestos removal from roofs and hidden asbestos hazards in older properties.

All contracts are carried out in strict accordance with all current statutory regulations and codes of practice.

Asbestos Surveys:

We are experts at conducting asbestos surveys and asbestos risk assessments, which are vital to our asbestos removal and management services. With over 40 years of specific experience, our asbestos specialists can recognise asbestos visually, and also identify areas where asbestos may be present out of sight. We then have the capability to sample and analyse any asbestos that is discovered, to give a full breakdown of the potential dangers or exposure, and advise on the safest possible course of action.

An asbestos survey will identify the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACM). We can carry out surveys at any premises, investigating the nature and condition of flooring, pipe work, ceiling tiles, ceiling voids and wall cavities and boarded materials. We aim to highlight areas of concern and areas in which attention is required urgently.

As HSE licensed asbestos removal contractors, HB Insulations are also best placed to give you fast advice and action on asbestos removal, whether you have had an asbestos survey conducted by HB Insulations or not.

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