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Sun June 16 2019

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Panelcraft Access Panels Limited

0844 334 8082

Panelcraft Access Panels Limited produces a full innovative range of access panels that are functional and aesthetic in design by blending in with the surrounding surface forming a fundamental part of the architectural design, which allows access for maintenance to services concealed in wall cavities and ceiling voids.

Panelcraft offers numerous solutions for access requirements including: Non-fire rated and fire rated panels. Standard sizes ex-stock for next day delivery. Bespoke sizes made to order.

In the mid 1970's Panelcraft personnel pioneered the concept of manufacturing access panels that were not only functional, but aesthetic in design by blending in with the surrounding surface. Panelcraft have invented new solutions and improved old designs to cope with the demands of modern building methods. Large stocks of standard panels are available for next day delivery, bespoke panels are made to order.

Our product range inculdes: Discpan complements circular light fittings, speakers, smoke detectors and air grilles. It is fitted flush in the ceiling, maintaining clean lines. It can be decorated to match the surrounding area. A visible picture frame or a concealed beaded frame are available, Slimpan has been developed for applications where the depth of the frame is critical. With a 25mm overall depth, it can provide access to building services in very narrow wall cavities or ceiling voids. Tilepan provides access to building services behind ceramic or stone tiled walls. Panels are made to suit requirements, so that they can be tiled over to finish flush with the surrounding area and completely conceal the panel. Loftpan is designed to provide access to lofts and roof spaces. The flap-down door and piano hinge design allows for use with telescopic ladders. It is fitted between trusses or joists of a max. of 47mm width and at 600mm centres. Plasticpan is designed to provide access to plumbing, electrical, gas and water services in wall voids. Plastapan is a wall panel with plasterboard-faced doors. Firepan provides a fire-resistant opening in ceilings and walls for access to building services. It is designed primarily for dry-lined ceiling or wall structures. It provides secure access to services via a discreet lock, and has a 25mm visible picture frame or a concealed beaded frame. Tradpan is a versatile panel specified for use in wall cavities and ceiling voids. It has a visible picture frame or a simulated beaded frame for concealed installation. Firepan Magna, Plastapan, Bespoke Access Panels, Bulkheads and Light Troughs, Ceiling access panels, Wall access panels, Loft access panels and Floor access panels

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