Tue October 22 2019

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Featuring our proven and global brands from Pramac Portable and Rental Power Generation, along with Generac Tower Light and DF Ecology products, we design and engineer a fleet of hardworking and sustainable plant including lighting towers, dust suppression units and generators for construction sites around the world.

Offering alternative fuel options from petrol, diesel and gas through to hybrid and battery, our ranges blend the latest technologies with durable design.

Highlights include:

• The leading DF Ecology dust suppression brand - suitable for a variety of applications such as demolition works, construction traffic dust management, odour suppression in waste dumps, aggregate production or recycling, environmental repairs and much more. The smallest units, the DF Mini and DF Mini Duo, are ideal also for asbestos removal and can be used for indoor works.

• The iconic Generac Tower Lights feature the Compact Urban range for ecological lighting options across confined inner-city construction sites with our Compact Light range, while the V20 and Cube+ LED lighting tower family offer several options including telemetry, LED lighting configurations and fuel choices from battery to efficient diesel, for ultimate onsite versatility according to your needs.

• Pramac GRW sets and portable generators are available for onsite power needs featuring models from 2kVA to 800kVA+, as well as tailored specifications for specialist applications. Offering several engine options and configurations you can ensure that you have a power set which can perform.

• Pramac Gas generator sets, available from 200kVA through to 500kVA, are as high performing as their diesel counterparts and due to the latest engine technology, provide longer runtimes and a greener fuel solution, with reduced NOX emissions as low as 20mg/Nm3. Natural gas is an inspired solution for many stand-by genset applications with uses across healthcare, commercial and residential builds, data centers and manufacturing.

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