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Sun January 20 2019

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From farms to horticultural centres, keeping buildings and infrastructure in good order is vital to the smooth running of any business. Tarmac products are ideally suited to the task, and our unrivalled service makes sure you always choose the best solution.


Our products play an important and growing role in the environment in many different ways, from cleaning acid gas emissions and stabilising contaminated ground to protecting rivers from industrial discharges and ensuring the purity of drinking water.

Health, Education and services

Private and state hospitals, medical schools, clinics, welfare centres, adult training centres, schools, colleges, universities, halls of residence, plus armed services developments. All have a requirement for Tarmac products… here's where you'll find out more.


Tarmac has always been a major name in housing. From public sector projects, working with local authorities and housing associations, to private sector housing for residential use, we provide high quality products and services for construction and maintenance.


Factories, warehouses, depots, oil refineries, pipelines and terminals, concrete fixed leg oil production platforms, private steel work and all new coal mine construction. If you specialise in any of these areas, you'll find more on our relevant products here.

Ports and Harbours

Tarmac supplies a wide range of products and services developed specifically for all repair and maintenance works directly connected with harbours, wharves, docks, piers, jetties, canals and waterways, sea walls, embankments and water defences.


Thanks to rigorous testing and unique features, Tarmac products are often the number one choice of companies specialising in maintaining permanent ways, tunnels, bridges, cuttings, stations, engine sheds, signalling and control systems and rail electrification.

Retail and offices

From shops, department stores, retail markets, showrooms, and municipal developments, to local and central government offices and privately owned office blocks and banks. Click below to find out more about our repair and maintenance products.


This is the sector most often associated with Tarmac, because the products we offer in this area are second to none. Whether you're involved with roads, pavements, bridges, footpaths, lighting, tunnels, flyovers or fencing, click below for more on our products.

Sports and Leisure

The scope of this sector is huge: theatres, cinemas, hotels, public houses, restaurants, cafés, holiday camps, swimming pools, works and buildings at sports grounds, stadiums and recreation areas, youth hostels… all benefit from Tarmac's specialist products.


If you're involved in repairing or maintaining public or private utilities infrastructure, whether it's water, gas, electricity, sewerage or communications, Tarmac can help with a whole host of high-performance products tailored to meet your specific needs.

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