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Fri April 03 2020

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Taylor Construction Plant Limited

0844 273 1945

Headquartered in the historic Essex town of Maldon, TCP (Taylor Construction Plant Ltd) offers nationwide rental and sales from sites across the UK. With depots in Coventry, Essex, Leeds, Exeter and now Scotland, TCP is better positioned than ever before to serve its customers with construction, plant and compaction equipment.

TCP is also a leading innovator of hydrogen fuel cell/battery hybrid products which include temporary light towers, generators and CCTV units for off grid applications. These products produce zero carbon emissions (at point of delivery), are virtually silent in operation, and eliminate risk of fuel spills.

Ecolite TH200 LED Hydrogen Fuel Cell Light Tower - ideal for environmentally sensitive areas where all emissions are to be minimalised. The BOC HYMERA® fuel cell produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen (from the atmosphere) to produce electricity – the only emission is water. There are no carbon or particulate emissions at the point of delivery. The process is virtually silent which is important for work at night, in built-up areas and enclosed spaces. The light tower is a proven solution when complying with the section 61 noise pollution act.

This is a ‘first’ for the integration of the BOC HYMERA® with the latest low energy LED Prismalence lamps. The LED’s operate in the middle of the colour temperature range 3500K – 5000K and within the mesopic range. The LED’s do not emit UV and therefore further reduces disturbance to wildlife. The prismatic lens system ensures the lumens produced can be directed in a known light pattern in the area required which eliminates unwanted light spill pollution to surrounding areas.

Ecolite WH2 - Based on a wheelbarrow, the Ecolite-WH2 is one of the most portable lighting towers on the market. It can be easily positioned by a single user and fits through a standard doorway, yet provides many of the features of our full-sized lighting towers. Technologies such as prismatic lens technology and the cutting-edge BOC Hymera hydrogen fuel cell come as standard

Other products in the TCP's Zero Emissions Range - TCP’s LGP 2500 Power Pack and ECO GH2 DC hydrogen fuel cell generator have both been designed to work together to produce a clean air alternative to a 5kW diesel generator for off-grid applications. The ECO GH2 DC generator, capable of a maximum output of 1kW, reliably backs up the LGP 2500 (2-3 hours) in the absence of mains power.

More products in TCPs hire range - TCP's extensive and expanding plant hire range also includes compaction rollers and plates from manufacturers including Rammax, Wacker Neuson and Hamm. As an authorised reseller, TCP offers a complete range of Wacker Neuson parts, as well as spares for its entire range of Ecolite lighting towers. In addition, TCP also supplies parts for Hamm, Rammax, Amida and Hatz equipment and can offer Wacker Neuson servicing for all products, including the high-frequency poker.

TCP is committed to providing the UK and overseas with innovative, high-quality solutions, providing value for money while offering market-leading products to increase efficiency, promote environmentalism and boost safety.

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