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Sun June 16 2019

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The Marble Mosaic Company Limited

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The Marble Mosaic Co Ltd specialises in the provision of high quality precast concrete cladding panels and structural units for the construction of new buildings.

Our service covers the detail design, manufacture and delivery and installation of cladding panels and structural units in bespoke shapes and sizes, colours and textures to fulfil the particular requirements of individual projects. Accordingly, a wide choice of finishes and facings is offered including:

•Reconstructed stone, reconstituted stone and cast stone finishes;

•Polished or honed, washed or tooled exposed aggregate finishes;

•Natural limestone, sandstone and granite facings;

•Brick, tile and terracotta facings.

Off-site prefabrication increases on-site productivity, especially when based upon a panelisation scheme that uses the largest units that are practical to deliver and handle at site to facilitate optimum value. Decreasing the dependence on site-based activities will assist in stabilizing the overall cost of the building and will shorten overall construction periods and reduce interim financing costs. However, it should be recognised that early involvement of a specialist precaster in the design process is fundamental to maximising the direct advantages and incidental benefits of precast cladding construction

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