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Sat April 04 2020

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Vellacine Limited

02920 228578

•Attractively designed patio doors. Our bespoke designs will complement the look of your home, creating the right first impression with visitors.

•High quality patio doors. We use environmentally friendly, robust and durable materials. Vellacine patio doors last for years without needing maintenance.

•Greater security. All of our patio doors come with double glazing and superior multipoint locking systems as standard. You can take comfort in the safety and strength that Vellacine patio doors offer.

•A more comfortable lifestyle. The thermally insulated glass that we employ will give you a warmer house, reduce energy bills and stop outside noise from interrupting your time at home.

•A wide choice. Our patio doors are available in an almost unlimited number of materials, colours, styles and accessories for you to choose from. Invest in patio doors that fit perfectly with your home

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Tel: 02920 228578

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