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Tue June 19 2018

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Aecom explores hologram technology

13 Jun 2016: Construction consultant Aecom is working with technology firm Trimble to bring ‘mixed-reality’ hologram technology to engineering and construction. more »

Lovell manager in line for Trainspotting 2 cameo role

20 May 2016: A Lovell project manager is hoping he doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor after shooting scenes for the sequel to the acclaimed film Trainspotting. more »

Self-driving trucks set to ‘revolutionise mining industry’

6 May 2016: Volvo Group says that it is ready to introduce self-driving trucks to the mining industry. more »

Bristol hotel made in China

20 Apr 2016: A new hotel at Bristol airport has been built in China and shipped to the UK in boxes. more »

Taipei to become ‘sponge city’ with porous pavements

11 Apr 2016: Taipei is planning to introduce permeable pavements to city centre footpaths and cycleways as part of its ongoing ‘sponge city’ project. more »

Termite engineering genius confirmed

1 Apr 2016: Scientists have crowned the termite as the natural world’s greatest engineer, thanks to its supreme mound building abilities, as detailed in a new study. more »

Buildings could be constructed by swarms of flying robots

18 Feb 2016: Scientists and engineers are collaborating on a project to develop flying robots that can make buildings in remote areas using 3D printing technology. more »

Smart windows could cut cleaning and energy bills

21 Jan 2016: Scientists in London have come up with a potentially revolutionary type of glass that they say could cut window-cleaning costs in tall buildings and also reduce heating bills. more »

Birmingham kids recreate famous photo

15 Jan 2016: Construction contractor Thomas Vale has apparently put the lives of 11 young schoolchildren in jeopardy by sending them out on a skyscraper girder high above the Manhattan skyline. more »

History revealed on the Great North Road

15 Jan 2016: Archaeologists working at a construction site to upgrade the A1 to motorway standard in North Yorkshire have uncovered more than 177,000 artefacts dating back to Roman times and beyond. more »

Skanska digs up Roman burial ground

17 Dec 2015: Skanska has uncovered Roman burials during groundworks on construction of a £250m Ministry of Defence college at Worthy Down near Winchester. more »

Animal magic

18 Nov 2015: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, said Muhammad Ali. Phil Bishop seeks further wisdom from the animal kingdom. more »

Half-sized Eiffel Tower tops out in Macau

2 Nov 2015: A half-scale recreation of the Eiffel Tower is nearing completion in Macau. more »

What would construction look like if Marty McFly went forward another 30 years?

21 Oct 2015: 21st October 2015 was the date to which Marty McFly went Back to the Future 30 years ago. With this peg, plant hire group Hewden has commissioned a report on what 2045 might look like. more »

Meccano bridge sets new world record

21 Sep 2015: Third-year civil engineering students from Queen’s University Belfast have built the world’s longest Meccano bridge. more »

Transparent 'Sky pool' to connect tower blocks

19 Aug 2015: Two London tower blocks are set to be connected at roof level by a swimming pool, 35 metres in the air, enabling residents to swim from the roof of one block to the next. more »

Engineers look to learn from stealthy owls

18 Aug 2015: Civil engineers are hoping that research into how owls fly so quietly could lead to new ways of making wind turbines quieter. more »

‘Electric highway’ trials to start this year

11 Aug 2015: Highways England is planning to trial new technology later this year that will enable electric and hybrid vehicles to automatically recharge as they drive along major roads and motorways. more »

Smart building management system will combat office drowsiness

17 Mar 2015: When the office drones start to fall asleep at their desks, the building of the future will automatically inject more oxygen to wake them up. more »

Thatchers make comeback to provide new take on modern methods of construction

17 Dec 2014: A project in Norwich could pave the way for the revival of a traditional craft for modern construction. more »

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