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Wed May 25 2022

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NZ government signs construction sector accord

15 Apr 19 Government and industry in New Zealand have signed an accord, with both committing to a series of improvements aimed at transforming the construction sector.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern said that the Construction Sector Accord is a new way for government and industry to work together to create lasting, positive change in the sector. “The wellbeing of New Zealanders is intrinsically linked to safe, durable and affordable homes, buildings and infrastructure. To meet the future needs of New Zealand, both Government and industry recognise that we need to work differently.”

The Construction Sector Accord sets out an agreed vision, the outcomes we want to achieve and the priority work areas we will be focusing on to address many of the challenges the sector is facing. It has been jointly developed by ministers, government agencies and industry leaders from across the sector.

“Together we have identified the priority areas we need to work on,” said Ardern. “The government will lead where it can have maximum impact such as better procurement practices, improved government construction pipeline management, and stronger building regulations. Government agencies already have a significant programme of work underway to support these aims.”

Minister for building and construction Jenny Salesa added: “Industry representatives have identified the need for enhanced leadership and collaboration within the sector. Better alignment will support the other industry-led priority work areas of improving businesses performance and promoting a culture of trust between all parties in the construction eco-system.

“Industry and government will work together on a further four priorities which are to expand workforce capability and capacity, rebalance risk, improve health and safety and boost the supply of affordable and durable housing.

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 “Strengthening the partnership between industry and Government will help us make that step change towards a more productive, innovative and resilient construction sector.”

The government has committed to:

  • better procurement practices and improved pipeline management;
  • improved building regulatory systems and consenting processes.

The industry commitments are:

  • enhanced industry leadership, collaboration and organisation;
  • better business performance;
  • improved culture and reputation.

Shared by government and industry are commitments to:

  • grow workforce capability and capacity;
  • better risk management and fairer risk allocation;
  • improved health and safety at work;
  • more houses and better durability.

In the next stage of the Accord process, industry will work with Government to develop a more detailed plan for commitments to transformation.

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