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Mon May 17 2021

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ALE buys offshore lifting specialist

25 Jul 17 ALE has bought Dutch structural engineering and lifting contractor Conbit.

Conbit, which specialises in the offshore engineering and maintenance and onshore tower markets, has a head office in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

 “This is an increasingly competitive market to enter; by acquiring one of the forerunners in offshore, we are able to strengthen our overall service and position as heavylift leaders within this sector,” said Mark Harries, global managing director for ALE. “We can now bridge our skills together and fill any gaps in our expertise to benefit our clients and the overall industry.”

Paul Staal, managing director of Conbit, said: “We have continued to develop our reputation in the industry and, by working together with ALE, we can now grow the business in a way that we never imagined with access to their extensive global resources, equipment and technologies.”

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