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Sun March 07 2021

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Anti-crush Niftylifts for Facelift

5 Nov 14 Facelift has taken delivery of the first of 30 of the new Niftylift HR17 diesel self-propelled booms.

Niftylift HR17 with SiOPS
Niftylift HR17 with SiOPS

Weighing in at just 4.9-tonnes the UK-made HR17 is more than 30% lighter than the comparable US-designed Genie machines, making it easier to manoeuvre and reducing both ground pressure and transport costs, Facelift says.

It also incorporates Niftylift’s ToughCage and Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System (SiOPS) technologies for additional operator protection. An impact resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel gives the ToughCage strength and durability, while SiOPS offers additional operator protection by instantly cutting out the engine when it senses the operator being forced onto the controls, thus reducing the potential for the operator being crushed or trapped.

Facelift’s investment in the HR17 is part of its fleet expansion plan. In the New Year it plans to replace all of its self-propelled booms with new ones fitted with the SiOPS safety system.

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