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Fri July 30 2021

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Arcadis picks 10 start-ups for ‘City of 2030’ programme

2 Mar 20 Ten start-ups have been selected by Arcadis to join its programme aimed at identifying ideas to transform the natural and built environment.

The start-ups picked for this year’s City of 2030 programme are focused on developing ideas around urban planning, resiliency, sustainability, new types of mobility and logistics.

Arcadis said that the core technology and products of the various start-ups complement its existing business and strategic vision. The companies will work with the City of 2030 team during a three-month accelerator programme in office space provided by Arcadis in Amsterdam. They will then take part in a Demo Day to showcase their ideas on May 28.

The companies will get support from industry mentors to develop strategies to grow their business, fine-tune products and business development efforts, build networks, and explore opportunities for collaboration within Arcadis and its clients. Arcadis and Techstars will invest in the ten selected companies, each receiving a 3% equity stake.

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The City of 2030 is now in its second year. Arcdis said that the first year has supported many start-ups who are successfully raising capital for growth and working closely with Arcadis businesses and their clients worldwide on pilots and commercial agreements.

The theme ‘City of 2030’ relates to a strategic vision developed by Arcadis and is based on the fact that in the next decade the vast majority of people will live their lives in cities. “We are excited to support the second year of the accelerator programme and to work with these innovative start-ups to help cities plan for the future,” said Stephan Ritter, Arcadis Group Executive for innovation & transformation. “These start-ups bring cutting-edge ideas to address the challenges of urban communities that are in need of unconventional solutions.”

The 10 start-ups in this year’s accelerator programme are:

  • Niricson (Canada): Predictive asset management for infrastructure, enabled by a combination of robotics and computer vision technology;
  • ISeeChange (United States): Mobilising communities to provide insight and micro-data about climate impacts;
  • (UK & Canada): Long-range computer vision platform featuring passive detailed recognition, mobility and localisation data;
  • Yellowbox (Australia): Smart lockers application for logistics and new mobility solutions;
  • Data for Good (Netherlands): Overarching sustainability standard that is created to support organisations and cities in making themselves and the world more sustainable;
  • Agilicity (Slovenia): Parametric urban design software with interactive 3D zoning
  • Downtown.AI (Canada): Machine learning and location data to analyse, map and predict human movements in cities;
  • Geofluxus (Netherlands): Solid waste visualisation and analytics platform;
  • Propfolio (UK): Marketplace for real estate, digital securities and assets;
  • Cobalt Water Global (United States): AI and modelling for sustainable urban water management.

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