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Mon June 21 2021

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Atkins wins statewide Texas contract

15 May 13 Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has picked Atkins as programme management consultant (PMC) for projects across the state.

The team behind Atkins' successful bid
The team behind Atkins' successful bid

Under the multi-million-dollar contract, Atkins will assist TxDOT’s strategic projects division and its 25 districts. Atkins will coordinate and oversee engineering, design, survey, utility relocation, and right-of-way acquisition projects that are carried out under TXDOT’s design-build contracts and development agreements.

“Our experience and accomplishments with TxDOT gave us the edge for winning this contract,” said Tracy Hill, Atkins VP and senior practice manager. “Since we previously served as a TxDOT PMC there was no learning curve and we offered the continued momentum we had already established from earlier projects.”

Atkins currently serves as PMC for several sections of the Dallas/Fort Worth connector project, three North Tarrant Express segments and three segments of State Highway 99.

The company is also one of only two firms that have carried out right-of-way and utility oversight under TxDOT’s public-private partnership programme. Atkins has delivered more than 550 parcels and resolved utility conflicts on 25 miles of highly urbanised corridors through 167 utility agreements. Atkins maintains a right-of-way and utilities project office in the North Texas Region for both Atkins and TxDOT staff; under the new contract, Atkins will open a second project office in the Houston area.

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