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Wed July 28 2021

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Automatic quick hitch now available for smaller excavators

17 Jun Tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon has developed a quick hitch system for attachments on excavators as small as two tonnes.

Engcon's S40 quick hitch and EC206 tiltrotator can be used on machiens as small as four tonnes
Engcon's S40 quick hitch and EC206 tiltrotator can be used on machiens as small as four tonnes

Coupling hydraulic tools onto excavators without the operator having to leave the cab has been standard on larger machines for years. But with the latest innovation, Engcon's automatic quick hitch S40 now covers the entire range from two- to 40-tonne of machines

“Being able to connect hydraulic tools without leaving the cab has recently become an increasing desire even for the smaller machines. The problem has been to fit all the smart technology in such small brackets, but we have now solved that in a good way,” said Fredrik Jonsson, development manager at Engcon Group.

The new machine hitch has the same safety features as the larger and earlier models in Engcon's machine hitch programme.

To coincide with the launch of the new machine hitch, the EC206 tiltrotator has also been updated for excavators in the 4-6 tonne weight class with a new tilt top that is adapted for Engcon's automatic quick hitch system. This means that the driver can attach and detach the tiltrotator without leaving the cab.

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Like Engcon's larger tiltrotators, ground pressure is required to be able to open the bucket lock under the tiltrotator on the new S40 hitch. Built-in sensors detect that the bucket axles are in their correct position and if something goes wrong the system warns with sound and light signals inside the cab and outside the machine.

EC-Oil automatic connection of hydraulic, electrical and central lubrication is included as standard when purchasing a machine hitch, tiltrotator and Engcon's control system. This makes it possible to connect the tiltrotator or other hydraulic tools to the machine hitch without the need to leave the cab. As an option, it is also possible to connect the ground pressure function on the machine hitch and a locking function, which means that the machine's swing function is blocked if the tool is connected incorrectly.

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