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Wed June 16 2021

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Bauma launch for new Bauer drill rigs

19 Apr 13 Bauer has launched two new lines of drilling rigs, classed as ValueLine and PremiumLine.

The ValueLine is designed for kelly drilling. The PremiumLine is a high-end range incorporating multifunction rigs for a variety of applications.

The ranges were officially launched onto the market this week at the Bauma trade fair in Munich.

The PremiumLine ranges from the BG 12 up to the BG 50. It can be used for all rotary drilling techniques, including kelly drilling with and without a casing oscillator, the continuous flight auger (CFA) and cased continuous flight auger (CCFA) drilling, as well as soil displacement pile drilling. The rigs can also be used for soil improvement such as cutter soil mixing (CSM) or deep vibration. Trench cutters can also be attached to them.

The main winches on the PremiumLine machines have high pulling forces and wide drums. A drilling and drawing assist function aids handling in CFA drilling operations.

The new Bauer B-Tronic Generation 4.1 monitors winch pull and hoisting speed. It has a torque indicator and error message display as well as a diagnostic assist. A tablet PC with built-in wireless functionality comes as standard in the new PremiumLine cab.

Safety features include anti-topple guards, an integrated step-ladder up to the uppercarriage and handrails, as well as walk-on platforms on the uppercarriage.

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