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Sun January 23 2022

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Budget 2016: Nothing for the workers, says Ucatt

16 Mar 16 Construction union Ucatt says that the 2016 budget offers nothing to solve the housing crisis and nothing for the workers

Ucatt acting general secretary Brian Rye said: “This budget offers no comfort to workers who have been struggling to make ends meet, while providing a boost to the rich and powerful.

“The chancellor claims to want to reward workers but there was nothing in the budget to solve the housing crisis. This is the first government for over 40 years not to invest any capital in new social housing. A programme of social house building would be good for families, good for construction workers and good for the country - but as it is not good for millionaires it is not even considered.

“The chancellor is once again slashing spending which will further shred the fabric of society and means that the services workers and their families rely upon, and which make life worthwhile for many, face further cuts.”

“The high profile infrastructure projects flagged up before and during the budget are all jam tomorrow. The Conservative’s failure to manage investment in infrastructure has meant growth in the construction industry is increasingly unbalanced, with some areas booming while others are starved of funding and projects.”

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