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Sun May 09 2021

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Case adds password protection

22 Mar 17 Case Construction Equipment has launched a new G-Series range of wheeled loaders with seven models in the line-up.

The Case 921G
The Case 921G

New features include password-protected ignition and joystick steering with speed proportional sensitivity.

The G-Series cab “takes comfort and visibility to a new height”, Case claims with panoramic windscreen, low effort loader controls, an active suspension seat and hands-free mobile phone connectivity.

In-cab noise levels are 2dB lower than the previous generation of machines. The 521G to 821G loaders boast just 68dB in the cab, while the 921G to 1121G have noise levels set at 69dB.

All G-Series wheel loaders are powered by EU Stage IV diesel engines with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). FPT Industrial’s Hi-eSCR after-treatment system uses fewer components to meet exhaust emissions standards, allowing for a compact engine compartment and reduced maintenance costs for customers, Case says.









Bucket Payload

3.9 t

4.7 t

5.5 t

6.4 t

7.5 t

9.5 t

10.2 t

Bucket Volume

2.1 m³

2.3 m³

2.7 m³

3.6 m³

4.0 m³

4.4 m³

5.0 m³


142 hp

172 hp

195 hp

230 hp

255 hp

320 hp

347 hp


12.2 t

14.2 t

16.2 t

19.4 t

21.7 t

27.9 t

30.0 t

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