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Sat March 06 2021

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Case launches low-cab loaders

26 Sep 14 Case Construction Equipment has launched a new F Series range of compact wheeled loaders with a low cab design.

The 221F is one of four new compact low-cab Case wheeled loaders
The 221F is one of four new compact low-cab Case wheeled loaders

The four model line-up ranges from the 4.4-tonne 21F to the 6.2-tonne 321F.

Case says that the low cab aids manoeuvrability both around and between sites.

The new models were launched in the USA in March and have now been launched in Europe.

With the low cab profile, the 21F and 121F fall under the 2.5-metre threshold so that when loaded on the back of a truck they can be driven under a four-metre bridge. The narrow turning radius of the F Series compact wheel loaders further adds to their agility in tight spaces.

The weight distribution adds lifting power, enabling the new loader to lift a bigger pallet load than its predecessor, Case says. For example, at the low end of the range, the 21F XT is designed to lift up to 2,000kg, which is 400kg more than the 21E model that it replaces.

The XT parallel linkage and Z-bar arms maintain the forks parallel to the ground for fast and easy pallet handling. The design of the arm enables the operator to load a pallet onto the far side of a truck bed, speeding up loading operations.

The articulated joint and oscillating rear axle mean that when the front tyres hit a rock or a hole, there is no bucket roll motion so the full load stays in the bucket, Case says. And as the cab remains vertical, it is more comfortable for the operator.





Straight tipping load

XT: 3.0 tonnes

Z-bar: 2.7 tonnes

XT: 3.2 tonnes

Z-bar: 2.9 tonnes

3.1 tonnes

3.6 tonnes

Fork Payload (80% FTTL)

XT: 2.0 tonnes

Z-bar: 1.8 tonnes

XT: 2.2 tonnes

Z-bar: 1.9 tonnes

3.1 tonnes

3.6 tonnes

Bucket size

0.7 – 1.0  m3

0.9 – 1.1 m3

1.0 – 1.2 m3

1.1 – 1.3 m3


58 hp

64 hp

74 hp

74 hp

43 kW

48 kW

55 kW

55 kW


Max 5.4 ton

5.7 ton

6.0 ton

6.5 ton

Aux. Circuit

230 bar  / 67 lpm @ 2500 rpm

Std flow: 230 bar / 85 lpm @2500 rpm

High Flow: 230 bar / 130 lpm @2500 rpm

Cab Height

2.46 m

2.63 m

2.68 m

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