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Fri June 25 2021

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Cat offers dual power mini

23 Jun 16 Caterpillar has added the model 300.9D VPS (Versatile Power System) to the Cat range of mini-hydraulic excavators.

The Cat 300.9D VPS
The Cat 300.9D VPS

The compact 300.9D VPS can be used either with its diesel engine or, in conjunction with its separate hydraulic power unit, from a remote electrical power source.

The performance specification is the same, regardless of the power source.

Caterpillar reckons that the dual power option will help rental companies maximise utilisation as it can be rented alone for regular applications or with the hydraulic power unit when the job requires low noise and zero emissions. 

Machine Specifications 

Net power

9.6 kW (13 hp)

Stick force

4.5 kN (1012 lbf)

Bucket force

8.9 kN (2000 lbf)

Digging depth

1731 mm (68 in)

Dump height (max.)

2035 mm (80 in)

Reach at ground level

3027 mm (119 in)

Operating weight (min.)

1088 kg (2399 lbs)

Shipping weight (min.)

988 kg (2178 lbs)

Length x Width x Height

2746 x 700 x 1507 mm

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