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Wed June 16 2021

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Cat tilt buckets for angled grading

19 Sep 16 Caterpillar has introduced a new line of tilt buckets is available for Cat crawler-excavator models 311-325 and for wheeled excavator models M314–M322.

Caterpillar tilt bucket
Caterpillar tilt bucket

The new buckets, available in both pin-on and coupler configurations, hydraulically tilt 45 degrees from vertical, right and left, to provide added capability when working on angled surfaces or performing precise grading.

Caterpillar says that target applications include ditch cleaning and landscaping as well as for conventional excavating in low-impact soils, including top soil and clay.

The tilt buckets have with two horizontal cylinders that allow the operator to position the bucket and maintain grade without moving the machine. The horizontal-cylinder design allows a low-profile for the bucket, while protecting the cylinders from material flow.

They are drilled and tapped to accept the bolt-on sensor and clips required to make them ‘plug-and-play’ compatible with Cat Grade Control 3D.

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