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Tue June 15 2021

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Caterpillar branches out with special application machines

12 Apr 16 Caterpillar has this week unveiled purpose-built machines that suggest a shift in strategy to target niche markets.

Among the dozens of machines displayed in the Caterpillar hall at the Bauma fair in Munich this week is Cat’s first road-rail machine, the M323F.

Just outside the hall is displayed the 340F UHD long-reach excavator, the first demolition-specific machine from Cat for quite a while.

While Cat machines have been seen in railway and demolition applications often enough, the adaptation has usually been carried out by third-party specialists. These machines represent Caterpillar addressing specialist needs directly.

The M323F is based on a 23-tonne capacity wheeled excavator that can switch between rubber tyres for roads and metal wheels for rail tracks. Extra counterweight can be specified for a 25-tonne version.

The UK is one of three markets that Caterpillar is specifically targeting with this machine, along with Germany and France. The company is currently in the midst of securing necessary approvals and certification for the machine, which is thus shown at Bauma in prototype form.

The new Cat 340F UHD (Ultra High Demolition) hydraulic excavator, seen below, is designed and manufactured by Caterpillar and will be distributed through the Cat dealer network. It has up to 22 metres of vertical pin height and is capable of handling loads up to 3.6 tonnes at a 15-metre horizontal reach. Operating weights range from 44,100 to 50,400 kg, depending on front and undercarriage configuration.

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