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Tue June 22 2021

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China hatches million-kilometre road plan

21 Apr 16 The Chinese government has announced a transport infrastructure programme designed to reduce poverty.

The plan includes the implementation of construction projects that will build over one million kilometres of roads in rural areas. It covers the provision of asphalt and concrete roads, renovation of highway bridges and improving transport in poverty-stricken areas to enable development of industries such as tourism.

Implementation of about 100 major transportation projects involving expressways, railroads and airports is also covered by the programme.

Enhancing infrastructure is seen as important measure to alleviate poverty and promote coordinated regional development. The aim is for broad-reaching and high-quality transportation networks to be built by 2020.

Premier Li Keqiang presided over a meeting yesterday that concluded that the priority in efforts to strengthen the infrastructure will be old revolutionary base areas, regions inhabited by ethnic groups, border areas and poverty-stricken regions.

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