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Mon April 06 2020

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Clancy and Stihl turn to tool tagging

13 Feb 17 Clancy has become the first major plant hire company to adopt the MicroCESAR tagging system for its handheld power tools.

The MicroCESAR label
The MicroCESAR label

While several plant manufacturers, including JCB, Doosan and Manitou, have adopted the main CESAR – Construction Equipment Security And Registration – system to combat theft, Clancy Plant is the first end-user company to adopt MicroCESAR. 

Clancy director Bernie Stack said “With our business focused on customer service we recognise the impact theft of tools can have – by adopting MicroCESAR we are confident that we are putting in place a serious and proven theft deterrent, which can only help our customers and our business too.”

Datatag managing director Kevin Howells said: “We’re very pleased to welcome on board Clancy Plant. MicroCESAR, I’m confident, will echo the success we have seen with the main CESAR Scheme and we’ve already received overwhelming industry support.  We hope Clancy’s decision to protect their equipment in this way will cause others will follow their lead in the fight against plant crime”.

The MicroCESAR scheme has also announced its first tool manufacturer on board with the scheme. Stihl will now be fitting the MicroCESAR system as standard to its cut-off saws including all TS models.

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Stihl managing director Robin Lennie said: “Over recent years we have seen an increase in incidents of theft in the industry. With loss of equipment, damage to property and insurance issues – the impact on the dealer is huge. As a leading equipment manufacturer we feel it is our duty to respond and help our dealers protect their stock and offer their customers peace of mind. We are confident that this partnership with MicroCESAR will help reduce crime in the industry,”

MicroCESAR uses Datatag security marking technologies to give each piece of equipment a unique and permanent ‘fingerprint’ that thieves cannot remove. Using a combination of a unique Datatag RFID transponder and a tamper proof warning/registration label with an integrated QR code MicroCESAR provides the police with quick verification of ownership.

Datatag technology used in the MicroCESAR system can also be used to assist in stock management, helping companies track tools in and out of jobs and allowing users to easily access on-line health and safety advice and user manuals through the QR code and mobile enabled MicroCESAR website.

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