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Sun May 16 2021

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Control over workflow has never been greater.

13 Apr Even more powerful process management with ultimate oversight for contract and project managers.

The newest version (V1.5) of our workflow management software gives your dashboard users more control over your forms. That means more flexibility in how use you them, who can use them, and how they can be organised, customised, and filled in.

Admins control over workflow has never been greater.

Re-flow provides highways, civils and construction companies the ideal means of keeping teams of engineers and operatives working on any type of building, maintenance and upgrading project by delivering instructions on a daily basis, supplying ancillary information related directly to their particular task, and reporting on its commencement, duration and completion.

The software is regularly enhanced by our UK development team and all customers get upgraded to the latest version automatically. With previous updates, the focus has been on developing new site management features to improve the software’s versatility for our clients giving you more tools to use. With V1.5 we're giving you even greater control and flexibility over those tools.

The biggest sign of this greater control is in the new form transfer feature. You can now create a workflow for your forms through the transfer ownership feature. This allows you to assign users to a form and set;

  • When in the process they need to complete it
  • What they need to fill in
  • Who needs to sign it off
  • Where the form gets sent next
  • If the form needs to be passed back for amends

This functionality can be automatically handled by our software. No more do you need to personally send a form, prompt people to fill it in and return it, so you can send it to someone else. All this can be automated when the form is created.

If you’re already aware of Re-flow workflow management software, you’ll have noticed the focus on developing the apps functionality and features. This time it is all about giving those using the desktop even greater control and flexibility in how they can utilise the management tools.

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To drive that point home, V1.5 gives you the new ability to arrange your dashboards data columns however you want, simply by dragging and dropping. After all you know what information you need and where; now we let you restructure your dashboard to suit you. How’s that for greater control and flexibility?

With V1.5, we’ve improved the desktop experience in several other ways. From Single Click Presets allowing you to custom jobs set-ups for regularly used essentials, no more time wasted creating the same job repeatedly. You can even assign your new presets their own colour coding for easy reference (and bonus style points).

Continued Improvements.

V1.5 marks a major point for Re-flow, with incredible improvements to an already award-winning software. We are always striving to improve our product and always raising standards.

As always, we will continue to advance this version, so watch this space for more updates, but this will be the last major version update for version one of the software. The focus now is how we can make the next iteration of Re-flow even better.

Now begins the roadmap to Re-flow 2.0...

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