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Fri June 18 2021

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Costain creates partnership to tackle transport issues

2 May 13 Costain has set up a partnership with Path Intelligence to use data about crowd behaviour to tackle transport issues.

The aim is to use the insights into crowd behaviour to maximise operational efficiency, optimise maintenance and boost retail returns for asset owners in the travel and transport industries.

Path Intelligence’s footfall mapping technology and Costain’s knowledge of building and maintaining transport assets will be brought together ithe creation of COpath, a resource supported by investment from both companies.

COpath provides real data to smooth the flow of visitors by tackling jams, bottlenecks and opposing traffic flows. Costain said that a key benefit of this data is to enable capacity to be optimised as an alternative to large capital investment.  The disruption and costs of maintenance work can also be minimized by using COpath data to pinpoint optimum times to schedule work, it said.

The technology also provides insights into the impact of planned and unplanned disruptions such as scheduled construction work, or unexpected equipment failures, whilst tracking crowd evacuation movement can also inform critical emergency planning decisions.

Costain group strategy director Ross Agnew said: “Demand for transport is increasing and to be able to afford to meet that demand we need to be optimising how we use our assets and maximising revenue opportunities. Gaining more intelligence on how transport systems are used is essential to achieving this; Path Intelligence’s technology provides this intelligence.”

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