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Sat October 20 2018

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Development begins of Tampere light rail project

8 Mar The alliance team that is building the first part of the Tampere light rail line in Finland has now been appointed to help identify options for the second section.

YIT, Pöyry and VR Track’s new contract with the city of Tampere and Tampereen Raitiotie is for the development phase of the second part of the line. The work involves identifying the best possible solutions to support the construction of the rail line between Pyynikintori and Lentäväniemi.

The project will be carried out using the alliance model, where YIT, Pöyry and VR Track, with the client, designers and contractors cooperating throughout the project.

The same team’s ongoing first part of the project involves building a 15km rail line from the city centre to Hervanta and the Central Hospital, as well as a depot in Hervanta.

The development phase for the second part is estimated to be completed by the end of 2020, and its cost estimate is €2.9 million.

“The development of growing urban environments is strategically important to YIT,” said YIT vice president Jarkko Salmenoja. “Regarding the implementation of projects, we want to be involved in the development of more cooperative implementation models. In the Tampere light rail project, both of these aspects are realised. The cooperation between the parties in the alliance in earlier phases of the project has already shown its capabilities, and it is great that we can continue this in the development phase of the western section as well.”

Pöyry business unit president Mikko Inkala said: “The second part of the Tampere light rail project is an interesting and challenging urban light rail project, where the alliance can now take full advantage of the experiences of the first part.”

The preliminary schedule for the construction of second part of the light rail line is in 2021–2024.


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