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Tue June 22 2021

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Doosan IIIB excavator improvements

24 Apr 13 Doosan is hoping for a bigger slice of the 14-16 tonne crawler excavator market with its new DX140LC-3 and DX160LC-3 models.

Doosan DX140LC-3 crawler excavator
Doosan DX140LC-3 crawler excavator

The new excavators meet Stage IIIB engine emission regulations through the use of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to reduce NOx and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to cut particulate matter.

The engine has a displacement of 5890 cm³ and delivers 15% more power and 11% more torque than the previous Stage IIIA models.  Factory tests indicate a reduction of up to 17.5% in fuel consumption, depending on the operating mode selected and the work being undertaken, Doosan says.

Fuel efficiency is improved in part because of a new fan clutch with electrically controlled fan speed.  In addition, a new ECO gauge on the control panel helps the operator to lower fuel consumption by providing real time monitoring of fuel rate and actual engine-percent load.

Joystick controls have been improved, with proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons added to provide proportional control of attachments.

Among the numerous other new features in the cab is a USB port to plug your iPod in.


Doosan DX140LC-3

crawler excavator


crawler excavator


0.24 – 0.76 m3

0.24 – 0.76 m3

Operating weight:

14400 – 14800 kg

15800 – 16200 kg

Digging depth (std front):

5635 mm

5495 mm

Digging reach (std front):

8285 mm

8285 mm

Digging height (std front):

8660 mm

8800 mm

Track width (std):

600 mm

600 mm

Overall width:

2590 mm

2800 - 2590 mm (Narrow)

Height (std front):

2820 mm

2800 mm

Overall length in travel position (std front):  

7680 mm

7700 mm

Tail swing radius:

2200 mm

2200 mm

Drawbar pull:

12400 kg

20500 kg

Digging force over bucket (ISO):

11.1 tonnes

11.1 tonnes

Digging force over arm (ISO):

7.7 tonnes

7.7 tonnes

Lifting capacity at ground level (over front):     

3.0 tonnes at 6.0 m

4.06 tonnes at 6.0 m

Travel speed:

Low range – 3 km/h;

High range – 5 km/h

Low range – 2.5 km/h;

High range – 4.0 km/h

Engine (SAE J1995):

Doosan DL06K Stage IIIB (EGR), 82kW (109 HP) @ 1850 rpm

Doosan DL06K Stage IIIB (EGR), 82kW (109 HP) @ 1850rpm

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