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Thu December 07 2023

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Doosan launches new Stage V crawler excavator

15 Oct 19 Doosan has launched its DX350LC-7 Stage V crawler excavator.

The 36-tonne excavator is the first Stage V model to feature Doosan’s D-Ecopower technology, which is designed to provide operators with higher productivity and lower fuel consumption per hour, as well as smoother controls.

Like the new DX300LC-7 – a 30t Stage V model launched earlier in 2019 - the DX350LC-7 excavator builds on the design of the previous Stage IV machine. As well as higher performance and cost savings, the new DX350LC-7 Stage V excavator provides enhancements in operator comfort and uptime, with a focus on low fuel consumption, increased power, robustness and versatility. 

The D-Ecopower technology uses an electronic pressure-controlled pump within a closed centre hydraulic system to accomplish increases of up to 26% in productivity and up to 12% in fuel consumption improvements, depending on the mode selected. A closed centred main control valve minimises pressure loss, while the electric pressure-controlled pump manages and optimises engine power more effectively.

Related Information

The D-Ecopower system uses nine sensors to detect the amount of hydraulic oil necessary to accomplish a specific task and meter the amount of oil required rather than continuously forcing a fixed amount of oil through the system, thereby improving efficiency. 

Improved feedback to the operator through the joystick results in improved machine control and less operator fatigue, said Doosan. The acceleration and deceleration of the excavator workgroup functions are smoother, allowing operators to perform repetitive swinging and digging motions with less jerking.

To meet Stage V engine emission regulations, the new DX350LC-7 excavator is powered by the latest generation Doosan DL08 diesel engine, providing 209kW of power at 1800 RPM. The DL08 engine exceeds Stage V regulations without using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). It boosts the quantity of air available during combustion, increasing the temperature of the process and reducing the amount of particulates produced. This is combined with after-treatment technology to ensure minimal emissions. Thanks to the new technology, maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been greatly reduced, with no maintenance required until the machine has operated for 8000 hours, said Doosan.

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