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Sat May 30 2020

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Dual power demolition robot generates interest

18 Nov 19 Bedfordshire-based ES Manufacturing has launched a series of remote controlled demolition robots that it says are the world’s first to have both diesel and electric power.

The dual fuel Akula robot
The dual fuel Akula robot

After many years of development, including two years of field testing, four models have been officially unveiled to customers: the DR125, DR300, DR450 and DR850. All are marketed under the brand name Akula.

ES Robotics claims that its Akula DR125 is shorter than the similar sized competitor Brokk 170 – both weigh 1600kg – but has more reach and power. Its biggest model, the DR850, is nearly 2500kg lighter than the Brokk 800 in either diesel or electric version but has the benefit of substantially more reach and dual power.

Specification details are available at

Managing director Chris James posted on LinkedIn: “The list of very interested clients who have booked their own exclusive demos is beyond impressive and more than I could have hoped for, as well as the huge positive responses we got from many serious players.”

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