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Sat July 02 2022

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Dust-fighter investment for Oakwood

30 Oct 13 London-based Oakwood Demolition has invested in new dust suppression machinery

The Dust-fighter DF75000MPT
The Dust-fighter DF75000MPT

Oakwood has bought a Dust-fighter DF75000MPT, a complete dust suppression unit manufactured by Ace Plant. It produces a mist of water through a series of high-pressure jets. A strong fan then propels this mist across the site.

The DF75000MPT is powered by an on-board 22kVA generator and an integral 2,000-litre stainless steel tank. It is self-contained, requiring no additional or ancillary equipment.

The unit has a coverage range of around 60m and its water consumption can be as low as 10-litres per minute. It can also be remotely controlled.

Oakwood Demolition service director Mike Hughes said: “On past contracts we have made do with our own fan-based dust suppression set, but when we added up the costs and the inconvenience of having to gather together a generating set, cables, hoses and pressured water feeds that are required to operate our old fan system, the decision to purchase an ‘all-in-one’ Dustfighter from ACE Plant became obvious.”

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