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Thu April 22 2021

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DX210W-5: 17% more power, says Doosan

11 Mar 15 Doosan Construction Equipment’s new DX210W-5 is a 21-tonne wheeled excavator that meets the EU Stage IV emissions regulations.

Doosan DX210W-5
Doosan DX210W-5

The DX210W-5 is powered by Doosan’s six-cylinder DL06P water-cooled diesel engine, which has a rated output of 141.2kW (189hp) at 1900 rpm. This is 17% more power over the previous generation machine. 

It meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF), through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) after-treatment technologies. 

Fuel consumption is reduced – by an average of 10%, the Korean manufacturer claims – by such features as the new ‘Trip Meter Setting’ screen which allows operators to check fuel consumption daily (or over a desired period) directly from the control panel. The Smart Power Control (SPC) system monitors both engine and pump power and limits unnecessary outputs depending on whether the work is light or heavy.  Further fuel efficiency results from the electric fan clutch that drives the cooling fan at optimum speed.  Based on coolant, hydraulic oil, cooled charged air temperatures and target engine speeds, the fan speed is controlled electrically.

As well as the 17% increase in engine power, the DX210W-5 has 14% more engine torque, Doosan says.  The new Posicon hydraulic system also offers a 3% increase in hydraulic capacity, which translates into an 8% improvement in the bucket force and 6% more arm force.  The 900kg weight increase and the greater machine width result in front lifting capacities being increased by 4 to 8% (attachment down/up), while the over the side capacities have increased by 12 to 15% (attachment down/up). 

In common with all Doosan Stage IV excavators above 14 tonnes, the DX210W-5 is factory-installed with the new CoreTMS telematics system. 

Brief specifications for the Doosan DX210W-5 wheeled excavator (mono and 2.75 m arm)


0.51 – 1.28 m3

Operating weight

20.9 tonnes

Digging depth
(std front)

5905 mm

Digging reach
(std front)

9705 mm

Digging height
(std front)

9870 mm

Overall width

2530 mm

Height (std front)

3330 mm

Overall length
(std front)

9420 mm

Tail swing radius

2755 mm

Drawbar pull

12 kN

Digging force over bucket (ISO)

16.0 tonnes

Digging force over arm (ISO)

11.2 tonnes

Lifting capacity at ground level
(over front)

7.99 tonnes at 6.0 m

Travel speed

35 km/h 

(SAE J1349, net)

6-cylinder Doosan DL06P
Stage IV (EGR/SCR),
141.2 kW (189 HP) at 1900 rpm

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