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Sun February 28 2021

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Essehof Zoo gets new Bobcat

10 Feb Essehof Zoo in Lower Saxony in Germany has bought a new Bobcat compact loader to help with tasks such as maintenance and the building of structures from large boulders.

The A770 is used for a variety of tasks around Essehof Zoo
The A770 is used for a variety of tasks around Essehof Zoo

The Bobcat A770 was chosen by the zoo owner, Gregor Wilhelm, for its compact dimensions, hydraulic performance and lifting capabilities, as well as the large portfolio of available attachments.

The zoo has 300 animals and 40 different species living on a 10-hectare outdoor area.

Wilhelm said: “When looking for a successor for our 6.5 tonne wheel loader, the important criteria for me were that It should be as compact a vehicle as possible, with high lifting power and good hydraulic performance. The machine also had to have as low a ground pressure as possible so that the pavements and other surfaces at the zoo are not damaged.”

The new Bobcat compact loader was chosen after a two-week trial. Mr Wilhelm added: “Our dealer, Müller Maschinen GmbH, provided us with a Bobcat A770 and a wide range of attachments for two weeks. That is excellent service.” He said that the advantages compared to the old wheel loader quickly became obvious: the Bobcat loader protects the ground and the roads/pavements and the lifting force also turned out to be excellent.

“We also build structures using large boulders on the site,” he added. “Some weigh up to three tonnes. Lifting these is no problem for the Bobcat. I was also very enthusiastic about the Bobcat dumping hopper attachment. Thanks to its low height, it can easily be filled by hand up to 2.5 cubic metres.”

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The new Bobcat machine can also handle heavier earthworks and levelling work. The Bobcat rotary mower attachment also helps in maintenance. “Our goal is to make our customers' every day lives easier and to offer tailor-made solutions,” said Ulf Ahrens from Müller Maschinen. “The broad portfolio of attachments makes every Bobcat loader a real all-rounder that can be used in many ways.”

In addition to the dumping hopper, backhoe, mower and pallet fork attachments, one of the latest Bobcat attachments is also used in the zoo: the Bobcat pressure washer. "I'm very impressed with the high-pressure water cleaner because it really makes maintenance of the park a much easier job to do,” said Wilhelm.

The pressure washer attachment with its 800 l water tank, in combination with the new Bobcat compact loader, can reach all places on the ten hectare area that have to be cleaned regularly. Wilhelm added: “Even in inaccessible parts of the park, we can use the attachment to reach and clean these areas. Thanks to the integrated cleaning gun with a 20-metre-long hose, benches, roofs, bridges and equipment can be cleaned effortlessly. In contrast to conventional high-pressure cleaners, water hoses and power cables do not have to be dragged back and forth. The engine and hydraulic power of the Bobcat A770 provides the attachment with all the energy it needs to perform outstandingly anywhere in the park.”

In addition to the new A770, the S70 - the smallest compact loader model from Bobcat - has also been part of the Essehof fleet for years. “The little Bobcat is mainly used for work in the stables. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can go anywhere,” said Wilhelm.

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