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Thu September 23 2021

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Experience and qualifications working hand in hand.

13 Sep Following a surge in construction upskilling, training provider CST Training highlights how experience and qualifications are the perfect pairing.

In recent years the construction industry has increased its demand for recognised qualifications. Moves such as the dismissing of grandfather rights and the withdrawal of the white CSCS card have acted as the catalyst to ensuring that all workers carry the relevant provisions. 

For many construction workers, however, the idea of gaining a qualification can feel like a daunting task that conjures up memories of school. Similarly, going back into full, or even part time, education isn’t feasible and can feel like a step backwards after working on site for many years.

At CST Training our NVQ Diplomas and Certificates for experienced workers offer a solution to this problem by providing access to qualifications, some equivalent to degree and masters levels, to workers who have been on site for years.

The benefit of an NVQ is that the qualification proves competency within a subject area. We understand that our Candidates have knowledge, skills, and experience within the role and seek to gain a qualification that solidifies their career. By structuring the course to suit the working environment of the Candidate, we can build a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates their knowledge and on-site experience all without missing any time at work.

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By achieving this recognition, workers are able to apply for their CSCS, CPCS or NPORS cards and maintain their qualification for life as a testament to their years working in the role. Whether it be a Level 2 Bricklaying or a Level 6 Construction Site Manager NVQ Candidates can achieve a CITB and Ofqual recognised qualification no matter their academic background.

All our assessors are there to not only evaluate the Candidates abilities but also to support and guide. They are equipped with skills and experience to work through the course in a manner that best suits the Candidate and ensure it can be achieved in a timely manner.

Sign up to one of our NVQs, choosing from a wide range of roles, trades, and machinery and find out for yourself how experience and qualifications can work hand in hand.

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