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Wed April 24 2019

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Fernox launches new app for installers

12 Mar 12 Fernox has launched the new handy and practical Heating System Size Calculator App. Free to download and suitable for use on android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry devices, it quickly and accurately calculates the size of a central heating system and recommends the correct chemical water treatment products and the dosage level required to extend the life of the boiler and system.

With a calculation facility for both domestic and commercial heating systems, installers simply need to input the number of radiators on the system or the boiler Kw rating. The Heating System Size Calculator App saves installers valuable time on- site by calculating the size of the system in litres, recommending the appropriate chemical water treatment product as well as the correct dosage level.

"When it comes to the protection of central heating systems, Fernox has long championed best practice, which is why we have developed the new Heating System Size Calculator App," commented Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox. "The aim of the new App is to quickly and accurately work out the requirement for chemical water treatments. In doing so, we can take the guesswork out of the process and help installers protect and extend the life of the boiler and heating system they are working on."

Under Part L of the Building Regulations all traditional central heating systems are required to be pre-commissioned and maintained with chemical water treatments to protect them from corrosion and limescale, which could have a negative impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. 


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