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Sat October 24 2020

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Four share £160m Bromford framework

26 Sep 19 Bromford Housing Group has selected four contractor/developers for a £160m house-building framework.

Bromford provides social housing across a wide area spreading from the West Midlands to Shropshire, Staffordshire, South Gloucestershire, Cirencester, the Cotswolds, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and some areas of east Wales. Its in-house construction company, Bromford Developments Ltd (BDL) undertakes schemes in the northern area of its territories.

Its contractors and development partners' framework is for delivery of affordable housing primarily in the southwest region.

The framework is divided into three lots, according to size of development, and has a total expected value of £160m.

The chosen partners for each lot are:

Lot 1 – small developments (up to 20 units)

  • EG Carter
  • Speller Metcalfe Malvern

Lot 2 – medium developments (20 units or more) of mainly affordable housing with potential open market sales

  • Lovell Partnerships
  • Galliford Try Partnerships
  • EG Carter

Lot 3 – large developments (100 units or more) of both affordable housing and open market sales on a shared risk and reward basis

  • Lovell Partnerships
  • Galliford Try Partnerships

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