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Wed June 16 2021

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French demolition contractor buys Liebherr R 918

2 Sep 16 French contractor Etude Conseil Démolition (ECD) has bought a new Liebherr R 918 crawler excavator specifically for demolition work.

The new machine has been configured especially for demolition work and is equipped with various protective devices.

ECD’s reasons for choosing the R 918 also included its compact transport dimensions. The company works mainly in Paris and therefore needs a that is easy to take to inner city sites. The R 918 crawler excavator has a width of just 2.5m and so can be moved easily from one site to another without the need for special transport. The R 918 is the 3rd Liebherr excavator in the fleet at ECD; it joins a R 924 and a R 944 C.

Liebherr really listened to what we wanted and adapted the excavator to our specific requirements,” said ECD president Etienne Dadou. The company adapted the R 918 to the particular demolition requirements right down to the very last detail, he said, adding that Liebherr was the only manufacturer able to implement the option to equip the excavator with a straight boom. A height of 1.3m can be reached with this solution - which is roughly half a floor-height.

The R 918 has an operating weight of 21t is equipped with a Liebherr diesel engine with a power rating of 95kW and satisfies the emission standards of stage IIIB. It has a straight monoblock boom of 5.45m and a stick of 2.7m.

Protective devices include various protectors on the uppe rcarriage, a swivel-mounted protective grid, fixtures for protecting the stick and the piston rod, as well as a reinforcement of the travel mechanism.

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