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Sat October 20 2018

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Fugro starts 38km geotech investigation

8 Mar Fugro is set to start work on a site investigation project for a new power line being developed by German electricity transmission system operator Tennet.

The new contract is part of Tennet’s grid development in northern Germany and involves detailed site characterisation services for a 38km-long section from Husum to Niebüll in North Germany. A 46-km section from Heide to Husum was investigated by Fugro last year.

The new 380kV ‘west coast line’ (Westküstenleitung) will transport wind power produced on Germany’s west coast to the south of the country. This 140km, high-capacity power line is one of several being constructed to transport coastal electricity.

Business development manager for Fugro, Roberto Quaas, said that the nature of the work is complex. “Effective management of the many aspects of this project is a key part of our specialist service offering,” he said. “Providing Tennet with a single point of contact, our team liaises with landowners, manages logistics and delivers site investigation services, combining drilling and sampling, CPT, dynamic probing and laboratory testing to deliver accurate analysis of ground characteristics.”


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