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Fri September 24 2021

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Going Underground with Sotkon at Futuresource " A UK First.

3 Jun 10 The idea of putting waste containers underground has been around in Europe for some time now, but it’s practically unheard of here in the UK.

The idea of putting waste containers underground has been around in Europe for some time now, but it’s practically unheard of here in the UK.  Portuguese company Sotkon is hoping to change that with the introduction of its underground waste container system for household waste, which will be seen in action for the very first time in the UK, at the forthcoming Futuresource exhibition, and trade fair at London’s ExCeL from 15– 17 June.

Sotkon is confident that its product is far superior to the opposition in that it doesn’t need a specialised RCV, or an expensive crane to lift the light weight, virtually indestructible and rubberised waste containers, from their underground home. 

All these factors added together, offer considerable cost savings, and this combined with the easy installation of the system – make the Sotkon underground method the ideal solution for a vastly improved ‘street scene’ – for local authorities, supermarket chains, hotels , airports,  motorway service stations and many other public areas.

Less complicated to install than its competitors.

The Installation of the system can be completed by just two operators – it’s quick, cost effective and causes the least amount of upheaval.  With power and water supplies avoided it can be built just about anywhere.  It’s totally uncomplicated - the underground ‘bunker’ which the waste or recyclable material container is located is a simple pre-cast concrete unit.  It’s narrower at the bottom and is designed to take a standard 1800 x 1800mm hinged metal lid, which can be manually operated, but to meet the health and safety demands in the UK, a solar powered electro-hydraulically activated version of the lid is now also available.

How environmentally friendly is the system?

99% of materials used are recyclable!  The system can reduce overall operating costs for refuse collection by more than 30% using less manpower, fewer vehicle movements and less energy consumption.  It also encourages separation of recycling streams at source; reducing ongoing waste processing.

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Blending effortlessly into the surroundings.

Not only does the underground waste system eliminate unsightly, smelly conventional waste containers, and can potentially save close to 20% per-year but the exposed stainless steel waste receptors have been designed with ergonomics in mind – it is possible to have bespoke designs so they blend harmoniously into their surroundings, which is imperative in places of natural beauty, historic town centres and villages.

What’s not to like about the Sotkon system?

There is nothing ‘not to like’ at all – the advantages far outweigh any minor disruption in installing the system and the cost savings speak volumes, not to mention an all round more attractive alternative to rows of ugly mismatched recycling bins, surrounded by discarded bin bags where they have been overloaded and of course the elimination of the stench of rotting rubbish in the summer months.

The proof of the pudding they say is in the eating – so a visit to Futuresource this month is a must.  Sotkon will have a full system on display and visitors will see it in action.  Senior members of the Sotkon team from both the UK and Portugal will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have.  See you at ExCeL in the heart of London’s docklands from 15-17 June. 

Sotkon will be officially launching the product to the UK market on the first day of the show from 11am – 1pm and invite editors and journalists to visit the Sotkon stand number L58 in the green zone, to question team members on the system.  There is also a rather fetching press gift for those members of the press that attend! 

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