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Mon June 21 2021

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Grenfell report: Construction Leadership Council calls for new levels of safety

31 Oct 19 The UK construction industry, found to have been complicit in the deaths of 72 people in the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire, now needs to make amends, government advisors say.

The use of unsafe building products meant that 72 lives were lost
The use of unsafe building products meant that 72 lives were lost

The report on phase one of the inquiry led by Sir Martin Moore-Blick into the west London tower block fire has now been published.

The report states: “There was compelling evidence that the external walls of the building failed to comply with Requirement B4(1) of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010, in that they did not adequately resist the spread of fire having regard to the height, use and position of the building. On the contrary, they actively promoted it.”

[See our earlier post on Sir Martin's report here.]

Phase two of the inquiry will look at how the UK construction industry has allowed a situation to exist whereby regard for public safety is so blatantly disregarded.

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The Construction Leadership Council (CLC), a committee of executives appointed by ministers to help shape and promote government construction policy, has responded to Sir Martin Moore-Blick’s report, saying that the industry must respond and change.

The CLC has issued a statement saying: “The publication of the Phase 1 Report of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry marks an important step in the long and painstaking exercise that is necessary to learn the lessons and change, so that such a disaster can never happen again, and that we set a new standard for building safety across the UK. The Phase 1 Report highlights that aspects of the construction work undertaken on Grenfell Tower actively contributed to the spread of fire, as both unsafe products were used and these were not properly installed or checked.

“The CLC believes that as an industry, we must collectively play our part in eliminating this risk on both new and existing buildings. Collectively, we must support all actions that are being taken to reform the industry ahead of the completion of the second phase of the enquiry. The CLC fully supports the work of the MHCLG [Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government] and industry bodies in taking forward the agenda set by Dame Judith Hackitt to improve standards of competence, improve the system of building regulation and to ensure the safety of construction products, and are ready to play our role in the necessary reform of the industry’s approach to fire and wider building safety.”

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