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Mon June 21 2021

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HCA adopts NRM1

17 Jul 13 The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ cost measurement tool, the New Rules of Measurement 1 (NRM1), has been adopted by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA).

The suite of measurement tools was launched by RICS last year to enable the collection of consistent building costs and therefore help clients to budget and compare costs across projects. As a client, HCA has mandated its use to collect cost data across its construction projects.

HCA team leader Alan Johnston said: “By requiring our providers to record information on housing developments using NRM1 we are able to capture consistent and comparable data on costs. Through this data we can provide meaningful cost benchmarks for providers and also identify the effect that different construction and procurement practice has on costs. Our aim is to use this data to promote better practice to the wider social housing sector.

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He added: “NRM1 is the first stage in the development of cost measurement in the construction industry, and we are continuing to work on expansion of the suite as well as supporting the industry in its adoption at a time when budgets are tight and providing cost assurance to clients is vital. In addition, NRM will provide the industry with the tools it needs to move towards a BIM enabled future by providing a reliable process for collection of consistent data.” 

RICS director Alan Muse said: “HCA’s decision to use NRM1 is a significant step in the development of cost management in the construction industry and is vital in achieving our aim of the toolkit being adopted across all construction tenders and projects in the UK. This endorsement is testament to the suite’s value in providing clients with consistent and transparent data when budgeting for projects.”

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