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Fri June 18 2021

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Highways England tenders £434m maintenance packages

21 Jun 16 Highways England is advertising for contractors to help look after its northernmost motorways and trunk roads.

The construction works frameworks for Highways England’s Area 13 and 14 (Northwest and Northeast) have an estimated maximum value of £434m for the four-year term.

Area 13 is in Cumbria and Lancashire. Area 14 is in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham and North Yorkshire.

A total of 33 participating contractors are envisaged for the framework agreement.

The construction works framework is divided into 11 lots according to various specialisms, as outlined below, along with the anticipated annual contract value for each lot.

Lot 1: Areas 13 and 14 Corrosion Protection – £1m a year

Lot 2: Areas 13 and 14 Structural Concrete Repairs – £3.75m

Lot 3: Areas 13 and 14 Structures Waterproofing and Expansion Joints – £2.5m

Lot 4A: Area 13 Road Lighting and Electrical – £2.5m

Lot 4B: Area 14 Road Lighting and Electrical – £2.5m

Lot 5A: Area 13 General Civil Engineering – £15m

Lot 5B: Area 14 General Civil Engineering – £17.5m

Lot 6: Areas 13 and 14 Technology – £3.75m

Lot 7A: Area 13 Landscape and Ecology – £2.5m

Lot 7B: Area 14 Landscape and Ecology – £2.5m

Lot 8A: Area 13 Road Markings – £2.5m

Lot 8B: Area 14 Road Markings – £5m

Lot 9: Areas 13 and 14 Road Restraint Systems (Vehicle and Pedestrian) – £15m

Lot 10A: Area 13 Specialist Drainage – £5m

Lot 10B: Area 14 Specialist Drainage – £5m

Lot 11A: Area 13 Temporary Traffic Management – £11.25m

Lot 11B: Area 14 Temporary Traffic Management – £11.25m.

Contractors have until 15th August 2016 to register their interest at

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