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Tue February 19 2019

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Hong Kong sounds out market on harbour PPP plan

23 Jan Hong Kong’s Development Bureau is to conduct a sounding exercise to gather market views on the development of a harbourfront site under a public-private sector partnership (PPP).

The project would involve the development of the 2.2ha urban park site at the Hung Hom harbourfront, next to the ferry pier. The site is seen as having potential as a prime location for a wide range of active and passive leisure and recreational uses.

The idea is that it could be developed under a tripartite collaboration between thegGovernment, the private sector and the community as an alternative to a conventional design-build-operate approach.

The market sounding exercise aims to collect innovative ideas on possible uses for the site, including how income received through activities would strike a balance between public enjoyment and financial viability. It will also try to ascertain the level of market interest towards developing the site under the partnership approach and to obtain suggestions on key features of the partnership in terms of contract duration, the financing and revenue sharing arrangement and more.

A briefing will be held in February.


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