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Mon October 14 2019

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Hong Kong’s rail construction quality issues continue

31 Jan Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway Corporation has admitted that some construction records are missing for sections of tunnel Shatin to Central Link.

Transport secretary Frank Chan
Transport secretary Frank Chan

It is not the first problem on the Shatin to Central Link. Work was halted at a station following excessive settlement (link opens in new tab).

Secretary for transport & housing Frank Chan said that Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRCL) informed the government last week that records were missing for the north approach tunnel, the south approach tunnel and the Hung Hom Stabling Siding of the link's Hung Hom Station.

Chan added that some unapproved works have also been discovered. He said that the government had decided to notify the public about the issue, despite limited information being available.

“I must say that the Government is committed to making every endeavour to ensure structural integrity and railway safety,” he added. “If in the process the MTRCL is unable to secure documentation and records to demonstrate in full the construction details then they would have to refer to the holistic assessment strategy, similar to the handling of the Hung Hom Station so as to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the installation, construction are in compliance with the building code, the structural safety and all the necessary safety requirements.”

Director of highways Jimmy Chan said the missing records were request for inspection/survey checks (RISC) forms. "The records refer to the (RISC) form which is a record for confirming whether the contractor has constructed the works according to the drawings.

“Recently the MTR Corporation informed us that the insufficient RISC forms, as high as 40% of those records cannot be found, so we consider that the incident is serious. We have requested the MTRCL to provide more information concerning the deficiencies and the actions it prepares to take."

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