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Tue October 27 2020

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Hunter Plant adds Bobcats

21 Nov 19 North London-based Hunter Plant Hire has purchased its first Bobcat mini-excavators.

The order includes a pair of six-tonne Bobcat E57W excavators
The order includes a pair of six-tonne Bobcat E57W excavators

The order for 12 Bobcat machines includes two six-tonne E57W wheeled mini-excavators, the first in the UK equipment rental industry.

The balance of the order comprises Bobcat 1.7-tonne E17, 2.8-tonne E27z, 4.8-tonne E45 and 8.6-tonne E85 models. 

Director Liam O’Malley said: “Following a very busy period over the last two years, serving the heavy equipment market, the purchase of the new Bobcat mini-excavators represents a renewed focus on serving the compact rental market.

“The decision to purchase Bobcat mini-excavators was based on our excellent experience with them on cross-hires, their impressive resale values and the package put together for us by Alan Sams, the UK sales manager at Bobcat.”

Related Information

Hunter’s E57W mini-excavators have the optional double tyre configuration and are powered by a Bobcat D24 diesel engine delivering 42.5 kW of power. As with all the other Bobcat machines in the order, they have double-acting breaker lines. In common with the E85 mini-excavators, the E57Ws also have rotation piping for a second auxiliary hydraulic line, air condtioning, auto idle, a refuelling pump and a key code immobilisation system.  

“The E57Ws are perfect for finishing work on new surfaces,” Liam O’Malley said. “It can be anywhere from new housing developments for work between properties to work on grass verges at the side of roads. Another important benefit is mobility, with the possibility of rapid transport on the road.”

All of the Bobcat mini-excavators are equipped with flashing beacons and green seatbelt lights. In addition, the 1.7- to 4.8-tonne machines are long-arm versions with keyless ignition. The E17 and E27z mini-excavators have been supplied with manual hitches and four Geith buckets, whilie each of the larger machines have hydraulic hitches and four Geith buckets.

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