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Tue June 15 2021

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Insulating daylight: a bright addition for Brett Martin

6 Jul 11 Brett Martin Daylight Systems, has added the innovative glazing system technology, LumiraTM aerogel to its range of glazing options for architectural rooflight and glazing systems.

Produced by Cabot and previously marketed under the nanogel brand banner, Lumira aerogel is among the lightest and most effective insulating materials in the world. Blending this technology with Brett Martin’s own high performance daylighting systems will allow specifiers and end clients to benefit from a range of unrivalled performance features. 

“This is a hugely important new partnership for us,” says Tom Ogilvie, Managing Director of Brett Martin Daylight Systems. “Lumira aerogel is a perfect complement to our existing product portfolio and we are delighted to have the opportunity to quote for projects where aerogel is specified.

“We know through our work with architects, specifiers and contractors of the challenges in balancing aesthetics and daylighting design needs with increasingly stringent building and energy code requirements. The inclusion of Lumira aerogel in daylighting systems is the perfect solution to eliminate the historical trade-off of insulation versus natural light. As an official Lumira aerogel supplier we can ensure that even large daylight surface areas can maintain high energy efficiency.”

Aerogel is a solid substance consisting of translucent silica based granules and 95 percent air held within nano-sized pores. Placed between the skins of flat glazing or into the flutes of multiwall glazing materials, the technology works by dramatically reducing heat flow, creating a highly energy efficient barrier with a thermal value of less than 1 W/m²K.

Improved acoustic performance as a result of the insulating qualities of aerogel in glazing systems makes this a good choice for applications such as educational facilities where noise transmission is a key consideration. Increased acoustic performance can lead to not only higher BREAAM ratings but improved concentration and learning capacity.

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With superior light diffusion aerogel can also eliminate glare and shadows in natural light, resulting in more pleasant and brighter internal spaces. Good colour stability also means that there is no discolouration within glazing surfaces that could distort light transmission.

As aerogel is lightweight, at just 3.6kg/m2 when compared to glass double glazing which can weigh as much as 30kg/m2; it is safer and easier to install and structurally less demanding, particularly where rooflights or architectural glazing systems are being installed as part of a refurbishment to an existing building.

While the thermal performance and energy efficiency of the products themselves are crucial, the use of daylight systems in buildings has been proven to reduce energy use by removing the dependency on artificial lighting. By harnessing the combined expertise of Brett Martin Daylight Systems and aerogel technology, customers truly can have – and see – the best of both worlds.

Brett Martin Daylight Systems offers the widest range of rooflight products including domes, vaults, skylights, panel glazing systems and industrial site and factory assembled rooflights. With over 50 years’ experience in the rooflight industry, Brett Martin’s dedicated technical team can provide expertise and friendly input on the right solution for the project in hand, as well as site support and troubleshooting advice. 

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