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Fri May 27 2022

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Knauf tries harder on recycled packaging

27 Oct 21 Building materials producer Knauf says that it is making efforts to reduce its contribution to the global plastics problem.

Knauf's plastic packaging
Knauf's plastic packaging

Knauf UK & Ireland says that its new packaging materials will contain at least 30% recycled plastics.

As well as increasing its use of recycled plastic in its packaging, it is also trying to improve the recyclability of its plastic packaging.

Knauf is one of the largest building materials manufacturers in the world, selling plasterboard, plaster, flooring, renders, laminates and more.

Knauf sustainability leader Lucy Hall said “the recycled content of plastic packaging will now be high on the agenda of new product development”, which she described as “a fantastic achievement”.

Some of Knauf's packaging can be recyled after use. The company has added logos to the packaging to identify when it has been made from recycled plastic, and if it is recyclable.

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