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Wed June 16 2021

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Kramer's electric loader

24 Oct 16 Kramer has introduced what it says is construction’s first fully electric-powered wheeled loader with all-wheel steering.

The Kraner 5055e
The Kraner 5055e

The 5055e couples zero emissions and off-road capability with low service costs, the German manufacturer claims. Although it costs more to purchase, the maintenance and fuel savings soon make it worthwhile, it adds.

Kramer's 5055e has a 0.55 m³ bucket capacity and a stack payload of 1,750 kg.

It has two electric motors: one for operating the hydraulics and one for the drive function. Depending on the application, power is automatically provided by the respective motor, minimising energy consumption. The electric motor is powered using lead-acid accumulators or lead-fleece accumulators.

The battery charger is integrated with the lead-fleece accumulators and charging is via a standard 230 V power socket. Depending on the application and use, a single charge should last up to five hours of operation and it takes between four and eight hours to charge depending on the battery option chosen.

“We are certain that this product will make an important contribution to preserving resources and increasing the efficiency of our customers,” said Kramer managing director Karl Friedrich Hauri.

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